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Why Mediation?
Mediation is the most effective way to dissolve a marriage while avoiding the problems brought about by separation and the traditional divorce process. Choosing mediation minimizes the cost and stress of separation and prevents your divorce from turning into a nightmare, all without going to court.
How does Mediation work?
Through mediation sessions, you will receive the financial and legal information necessary to create the best possible divorce settlement. After exploring possible resolutions, you and your spouse will be able to decide how your property and money is divided, and terms of parenting arrangements.

At the end of the mediation, the mediator prepares the Divorce Agreement, which is filed in court.
Separating and Divorcing Clients
It is not necessarily the actual divorce that can damage a family; it is the way the tradiational divorce process affects the family structure. Children face emotional distress when their parents cannot reach an agreement, especially during a divorce. They are affected by the anger and hostility that has entered their environment. They are hurt when they are used as weapons in a war of spite and revenge.

A good mediator will help direct you away from your anger and volatile emotions and focus on your needs and goals. Parents who handle their divorce responsibly are less likely to lose the respect and affection of their children. Choosing mediation is less likely to cause long lasting damage to your family.

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