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My Services
Separating and Divorcing Clients

For the past 10 years, Stephanie Kaufman Divorce Mediation Services has assisted clients to make fair divorce agreements in the Nassau County area. With goals the same as yours, Stephanie helps clients make informed decisions about divorce, conserve financial resources, and minimize the emotional burden of divorce.

My Expertise and Your Divorce

Stephanie Kaufman Mediation offers the foremost expertise in mediating legally bindind divorce agreements, financial and asset division, and parenting arrangements.

Legally Binding Agreements
After resolving issues that resulting from your current relationship, we will draft a separation agreement or a stipulation of settlement. These legally enforceable documents can serve as the basis for your divorce. We can also file your divorce papers with the local courts so you can avoid dealing with the court system yourself.
Consulting Services
If both parties are not willing to come to the table to mediate, I will offer advice on what to expect from the divorce process prior to signing on with an adversarial attorney. If your spouse refuses to come with you, I will furnish you with information about the legal system and offer you advice on how you can protect yourself. I will provide you with legal information on child support, spousal support, and property division.

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