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Stephanie Kaufman About Me:
Stephanie Kaufman is an experienced attorney and certified mediator who has been providing mediation services and
practical advice to clients on Long Island for over 10 years. She received her legal education from Benjamin Cardozo School of Law and has been admitted to practice law in the State of New York for 20 years.
Are you considering SEPARATION or Divorce? Are you confused, overwhelmed or angry? INEXPENSIVE relief is here.

Stephanie Kaufman, an experienced mediator and attorney, can help you through your divorce. Stephanie Kaufman Divorce Mediation Services is a full-service firm, located in Nassau County, New York, that will help resolve your conflicts at any time before or after your separation.

Stephanie Kaufman's expertise is in working with you and your spouse to draft a fair divorce agreement. So, before hiring two separate lawyers to handle your divorce, contact Stephanie Kaufman for a FREE consultation.

Have you asked yourself the following questions?
• How am I going to get through this?
• How will I make ends meet?
• How will I get the legal information I need?
• How will I deal with the stress of going to court?
• Am I entitled to child and/or spousal support?
• How will bills be paid?
• How can I communicate with my spouse?
• Can I stay in my house?
• How will we best take care of our children?
• Who will write my divorce/separation agreement?
• How can I prevent my divorce from becoming a disaster?
Stephanie Kaufman Divorce Mediation Services have extensive experience in the field of divorce mediation, assisting couples facing the legal, emotional, and practical problems of separation and divorce. With offices in Rockville Centre and Woodmere, New York, Stephanie Kaufman Divorce Mediation Services is committed to the mediation process and believes that couples can divorce without unwelcomed stress.
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